Men’s Traditional Mehndi Wear In Asia

Asian weddings are majestic, sometimes lasting for many days and containing many events like an engagement party, Mehndi, Nikkah, Wedding day, Walima, or Reception. Asian weddings are celebrated in traditional ways, including customary occasions, conventional costumes and attires, and typical dishes.

The wedding day in Asia is not just a special occasion for the bride but also for the groom. Every groom wants to look his best on this special day. On their wedding day, most Asian grooms opt to wear a conventional gown. Men used to be unconcerned about their appearance and clothing in the past, but now that they live in the current period, they are much more concerned about how they look on their wedding day.

When it comes to pre-wedding festivities in Asia, the mehndi event is one of the most enjoyable. Mehndi is termed as ‘shagun’ since it symbolizes the union of a man and a woman. It represents the couple’s love and cares for each other’s families. The Mehndi ritual, which is generally held the day before the wedding, is fun. This is a significant, private event, with just close relatives and friends participating. 

Mehndi is applied to the groom, and the entire event is documented extensively by photographers as the henna artist works her magic on him. The mehndi ceremony is an essential part of the groom’s wedding celebration, and he must look his best. 

Our topic today is mehndi dresses for Asian guys or the groom. Choosing a wedding dress for a man used to be a piece of cake. An embroidered Sherwani or Nehru jacket is all that is needed to complete the look. But now, grooms are increasingly making an effort to personalize their attire, which is a welcome development. Below is the list of clothing Asian men and grooms choose for the mehndi event:

Sherwani Suit for Mehndi Day 

The traditional mehndi outfit, Sherwani, is always a close second for males. Sherwanis are worn by grooms who want to seem more polite and respectful at their wedding because it lends them a regal air.

Shalwar Kameez and Sherwani

Shalwar kameez and Sherwani wedding outfits are readily accessible in the market and may also be ordered. These Fabrics come in a wide range of patterns and colors. Every season, a new clothing line from a different fashion designer is introduced. It’s possible to wear pajamas with pants, Sherwanis, churidar pajamas, and various suiting collections. Most grooms like to wear a Sherwani or a kurta kameez on their wedding day and at the mehndi ceremony.

Embroidery and stonework on Sherwanis are now commonplace, and they can be bought at high-end designer stores. The Sherwani is the wedding attire of choice. Grooms wear kurta Shalwar and Sherwani to their mehndi celebrations as well. Wedding, mehndi, and party dress styles are also available. In addition to Sherwani, boutiques sell various accessories, such as decorative clips, brooches, turbans, and shoes. Men who wish to look their best on their wedding day check out these Sherwanis. Every groom’s personality can seem spectacular by wearing one of these clothes.

The Typical Colors of Mehndi

Dark-colored kurtas, pajamas, and waistcoats are popular at Mehndi ceremonies in Asia. Red, white, green, brown, blue, and black kurtas with waistcoats that are very different look more attractive and catch the eye. It looks elegant and well very put together as well. Dresses with a lot of shine are also popular. 

The Perfect Mehndi Waistcoat

Waistcoats may be a lifesaver when it comes to men’s fashion. So it’s impossible to rule it out on special occasions like a wedding. One can wear a basic kurta and Shalwar kameez with a waistcoat. Waistcoats are available in a broad range of styles and colors these days. Plain, embroidered, or even printed are all options. Mehndi is a vivid occasion. Thus usually, bright colors are preferred.

Combination of Kurta Pajama/Shalwar and Waistcoat

The most special mehndi outfit for Asian guys is traditionally a kurta pajama and waistcoat. For many years, it has been the most popular male fashion style, and it remains so till now.

It’s impossible to date anything that has become part of the culture. Having a sense of familiarity with our rituals and traditions helps us feel at ease and at peace. Because of this, we feel a solid connection to our loved ones and our environment. A kurta pajama or Shalwar-and-waistcoat ensemble is reserved for the groom, his brothers, and his cousins on the mehndi day of the Asian wedding.

Kurta and Dhoti: a Traditional Attire

This is a sophisticated choice for specific Asian grooms and men in general. Dhoti with a kurta is the most common attire for grooms from India’s southern states and those from other countries. The Mehndi ritual takes a long time, so men can relax comfortably while waiting for it to be completed. Silk or Printed Kurtas, on the other hand, are finest paired with the Dhoti.

Kurta and Stole: a Royal Style

Not every time one can wear a heavy ethnic Kurta, but one can also wear an embroidered stole even with a plain Kurta. Kurta with a stole is an excellent creative combination for men. There are a huge number of variations on this theme available. Silk, Pashmina, or Paneled stoles are all excellent choices to pair with kurtas. This gives off a very royal and chic look.

The Cowl Kurta: a Flattering Attire

The Mehndi option allows the Asian groom to experiment with different styles and patterns. Cowl Kurtas are the hottest new fashion item right now. Also, a draping or cowl pattern is the ideal clothing for a designer-chic event. One may choose from various solids and flowy fabrics that allow the cowl to be seen clearly.

Pastel Colored Kurtas: a Simple Attire

The Pastel colored kurta is ideal for the Mehndi celebration. Kurtas in pastel colors are becoming more popular. Plain cotton dyed in pastel shades looks elegant and sophisticated. Also, Pastel-colored self-textured Kurtas look great. Pants, Churidar, or Dhoti, are all acceptable options.

Jodhpuri style: a Great Revival of Past 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the Mehndi ritual in Asia. Some want a more traditional ethnic look in terms of style preferences, while others prefer something more modern. The Jodhpuri style is a mix of ethnic and Western-style. As a bonus, a variety of bottoms are compatible with this design.

Jacket: a Stylish Men’s Mehndi Attire 

Grooms are typically able to establish a balance between flair and comfort. Stylish and comfortable, a kurta with a jacket design gives off an outstanding appearance. At a Mehendi ceremony, a long or short jacket conveys a sense of royalty. However, some grooms like to wear embroidered jackets with their two-piece attire.

The Lucknowi Kurta: An Excellent Mehndi Ensemble

In Asia, Pakistani and Indian Kurtis are known for their regal style. It’s been the most popular fashion trend in recent years. Modern Lucknowi kurtas use sequin and bead embroidery to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Also, celebs are huge fans of this look. The Mehndi ceremony offers one a more modest appearance.

Floral Kurtas: Great Festive Look

Floral designs are currently a prominent and persistent fashion trend. Aside from that, it’s akin to the mehndi-themed prints. Men’s Mehndi outfits look great with designs, so why not? Every detail of this event is adorned with a single flower. Floral waistcoats are another option.


Mehndi Accessories 

When wearing a Peshawari chappal or sandal, men also wear a Khussa sandal, a Jooti sandal, or any other footwear that goes well with their outfit. These shoes allow them to appear their best when they wear them. A shawl similar to a dupatta is worn around the hands of the groom. There are a variety of patterns and styles to choose from. Sherwanis built to order are also readily available on the market. The shawl or dupatta should be either yellow or green when it comes to mehndi. The most popular mehndi hues are yellow and green. Grooms also look unique by wearing a complementary shade to the bride’s attire.

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