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CRUSH has been a market leader in the twin cities for Groom Wear & Men’s couture for the last 10+ years. The brand was founded by Zeeshan Sheikh, who is not only an established entrepreneur but is also a qualified designer.

Mr. Muhammad Chiragh Deen is a well-renowned businessman in Rawalpindi and is the founding father of many businesses his children have co-founded and are managing.

CEO Crush, Zeeshan Sheikh comes from a business family involved in the apparel business for over three decades. However, his business acumen has never enslaved his artistic sense, and his quest to elevate the fashion class of Pakistani people has been relentless. Zeeshan has a degree in fashion designing from the leading fashion institute of Pakistan (Iqra University) and is also a self-taught maestro for making-to-order Sherwani. He believes that fashion has no boundaries and that his designs need to have a global appeal.

The inception of Crush Men’s Wear:

In 2004, a boy with a strong knack for fashion entered IQRA University to pursue his ambitions of fashion designing. The commencement of academic life at IQRA did not indicate that the boy contains a unique amalgamation of business acumen and creativity. His humble personality and friendly nature concealed those skills, which later made him the most successful entrepreneur graduate of the university. Over three years, he acquired all the essential skills required to transform his dream into a living reality; and just a year before completing his bachelor’s degree, Zeeshan launched his very own men’s wear brand, CRUSH. Despite the severe stress of managing a new brand, Zeeshan continued with his studies and graduated in 2008. Getting relieved from educational commitments gave Zeeshan just the thrust he required to boost the brand’s growth and flourish it into something which the local market refers to as: TREND SETTER.

Zeeshan’s family had been involved in the business of leather products (jackets, wallets, bags, coats, gloves, etc.). The family business operated in a conventional style by maintaining Rawalpindi outlets and exporting leather goods to the international market. Having a modern business perspective and a vision for growth, Zeeshan realized that the vortex of evolution had taken up business in Pakistan. Diversification is indispensable to our survival. Hence, he started analyzing the domestic market and sighted a niche for MEN’s wear. Thus, to not only cater to the needs of modern Pakistani Men but also to enhance their persona, complement their style, boost their charisma and amplify their impression, CRUSH came into being. The brand fuses culture, modernity, comfort, and novelty. The product line covers all the requirements of men’s clothing, ranging from the comfortable casual wear to the luxurious corporate suiting; from the beautiful party wear to the dashing leather jackets; from the elegant Sherwanis to the traditional Shalwar Kameez; from the stylish Kurtas to decent formal wears; from modern footwear to the alluring accessories, all is provided under one roof. Competitive Edge: Indeed, it is creativity, novelty, and customer-centric policies that enable Crush to maintain its dominance in the market; however, JIT’s (just in time) inventory also chips in immensely to support Crush to challenge its competitor. Crush is the only brand among its competitors in the twin cities with its manufacturing plants in Rawalpindi. This enables Crush to reduce the inventory costs substantially and cater to the demand as it is generated. Besides, Crush has a robust internship program that produces value for the young students and Crush. The internees get to understand the business process employed in Pakistan while their new ideas support Crush to maintain novelty and modernity in its products.

Future Plans: 

Crush is now seeking to ground its roots in the international market. With its physical outlet in the lavish market of Toronto, Canada Crush Men’s Wear is serving the Canadian market as well. Crush has also developed a partnership with an Austrailian-based brand Walia Jones. The response of the international consumer is phenomenal, and Crush is planning to launch a brand for the New York market shortly. Besides, Crush is set to expand within Pakistan and establish a network of 50 outlets all across the country. With loyal customers and supportive business partners, Crush is all to set to become institutions that will be prolific for the customer, fashion industry, and Pakistan.

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